IM Los Cabos- 11:42, 4th AG
Haag Lake Open Water Swim Series- 3rd Female Overall
Duck Bill Thrill Olympic-2:24, 1st Female Overall
Henry Haag Lake Open Water Swim, 4000M- 1:00, 2nd AG, 6th Female
Pacific Crest Long Course- 5:13, 3rd AG, 4th Female Overall
IM Whistler-10:56, 5th AG, 13th Female Overall

Desert Triathlon, International Distance: 2:09, 3rd AG
Leadman 125: 5:13, 4th AG
Wildflower Long Course- 6:00, 9th AG
IM Coeur d’Alene- 10:52, 7th AG, 13th Amateur Female
TriRock San Diego- 2:18, 1st AG, 4th
Female Strides for Scholarship 5K-20:18, 1st Female, 4th Overall
HITS Palm Desert Half- Ironman- 5:16, 2nd AG, 4th Female

Desert Triathlon, International Distance: 2:10,4th AG
Oceanside 70.3: 5:13, 6th AG
LA Triathlon Series #1, Sprint Distance: 1:18, 1st AG, 6th Female
LA Triathlon Series #2, Less than International Distance: 1:54, 1st AG, 5th Female
Mooseman 70.3: 5:22, 2nd AG (IM 70.3 World Championship Slot)
Castaic Lake Triathlon Series #1, Sprint Distance: 56:49, 1st AG, 3rd Female
Castaic Lake Triathlon Series #2, Sprint Distance: 56:31, 1st AG, 2nd Female (Overall series winner)
IM 70.3 World Championships: 6:26

Desert Triathlon, International Distance: 2:25, 8th AG
Wildflower Triathlon, Olympic Distance: 2:45, 11th AG
Vineman 70.3: 5:16, 9th AG

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