To Santa Monica, Thanks for Everything! Anabel

The cabinets have been cleaned out, the boxes packed, and as I write the truck will arrive to pick up our SMART Boxes and begin driving them up to Portland.

This is a change that I have been looking forward to for months. Over the last four years it seemed that every time we made a trip up to the Pacific Northwest, it became more and more difficult to make the return trip down south. Oregon has always felt more like home, in many ways very similar to the Vermont that I grew up in.

That isn’t to say that leaving Santa Monica is an easy thing to do. I will miss the early morning ocean swims, the Spanish lattes at Urth Caffe, and I’m still not sure what I will do without everything on the menu at Stella Barra. But when asked what I will miss most about living here, my answer is always, “the people.”

I struggle to find a way to write about them. The people who have made this a wonderful place to live. I guess that is the nature of friendships. When they are great, they are just great. And I don’t intend to replace them, or to even try. I only hope to hold on to the relationships that we have fostered as we begin this next adventure.

So to you, all of you who have made Santa Monica our home, thanks for everything.

Love Anabel

Thanks for Everything

2 thoughts on “To Santa Monica, Thanks for Everything! Anabel

  1. All of us Californians will miss you much. But I am so excited for you & love that I can keep up with what you’re doing on the blog. Lots of new adventures ahead!

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