The Second Time Around

The packing list has started and the countdown is at five and a half weeks. Packing and countdown for what?

Ironman Los Cabos!

I can’t explain why I have been tentative to blog about this race. I think there was a part of me that was waiting for the floor to fall out. For an ache or a pain to flare up into something bigger. Something, that would put me on the sidelines. Preparation and training for IM Coeur d’Alene went so well, as did the race itself, that I feared a second cycle would be not nearly as seamless.

But here we are. Many miles have been logged. Both on two wheels and on two feet, with more to come in these next few weeks. I don’t mean to imply that it has been easy. Just ask Mark who accompanied me on a slow and whiny morning 10KM run. And there has been sweat, a whole lot of sweat–thanks partly to the thrice weekly hot yoga I have been suffering through.

It seems that my biggest challenge the second time around is mental rather than physical. I have spent the last few weeks worrying about not being able to find “race mode.” As the days tick off and race day looms closer I am unable to find that anxious/excited/butterfly feeling. After consulting a few seasoned vets, I realized that as long as I am finding the motivation to hit my training sessions (check, except possibly for this morning), the race day mojo will come in time. I’m hoping a visit from these lovely ladies next week, and a trip out to Tucson for some time with the Smashfest family will help me to find that fire.

Just in time to tackle Ironman number two.

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