Looking Forward

January 11th, 2008. 2190 days since the rug was pulled out from under what I thought to be very steady feet. Six years since three words changed everything, “You have cancer.”

In years past, this has been a hard day. A day that brings up many mixed feelings. Feelings of fear, of relief, of guilt and of happiness.  Fear in remembering that things can, and may again, change in an instant. Relief of being healthy and stronger than I have ever been before. Guilt in surviving when many others have not. And happiness that the universe has gifted me with a better life than I could have possibly imagined.

In preparation for next weekend’s coast ride, I spent a beautiful five and a half hours on two wheels this morning. A solo 100 miles along the Pacific Ocean, with a wide smile plastered across my face. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate.

This year my hope is to focus on moving forward rather than on looking back. To embrace the second chance I was granted and remain ever thankful for the gift of life.

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