Over the River and Through the Woods

To be honest we are not actually headed to grandmother’s house. But, we are bound for the cold and snowy easy coast to celebrate the holidays. Now that the Christmas shopping is done the travel preparation begins. Below are my essentials for a comfortable trip and a few carry-ons I can’t live without.

Travel Essentials final

From bottom left

The SMASHFEST burn-out long sleeve is a staple in my everyday wardrobe. Incredibly soft and simultaneously cute. It has also become my go-to travel piece. (source)

Boots are a winter essential, but they take up way too much suitcase real estate, so I always opt to wear them. My Fryes are a couple of years old, but if I were putting new ones on my wish list I would be eyeing these. (source)

I love the look of red lips but I can’t stand lipstick. This Fresh Lip Sugar is perfect for adding some holiday flair while feeling more like chapstick. My sister may or may not be getting some of this in her stocking. (source)

Cross country flights call for comfort, and these leggings are the best. The wide-waist band ensures they stay in place and look decent upon arrival. (source)

Compression socks are a must for airplane travel. Especially for someone with a blood clotting deficiency. I have taken to wearing mine no matter the length of the flight to keep the blood flowing and avoid swollen ankles and feet. (source)

I recently discovered Pressed Juicery and I am in love! Their formulas are great and relatively inexpensive. I buy one the day before and snag it from the fridge on our way out the door. (source)

Vanity Fair is one of my favorite magazines. A great combination of entertainment, fashion and current events. (source)

We have tried quite a few headphone splitters and been sorely disappointed. One person gets the base, one person gets the vocal and no one is happy. This one from Belkin preserves sound for both people so that we can finally watch that “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” documentary we downloaded months ago. (source)

And if you are crazy enough to have some very early season races on the schedule, room must be made for a canister of Osmo, warm running tights, a pair or two of goggles, and Triswim hair products. Joy.

Safe travels!

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