Progress Report

This past weekend I snuck down to San Diego for TriRock. I had no expectations going in, other than to check the status of my fitness. As I mentioned in the last post, training has been going pretty well so I was interested to see where I stood. Status check: pretty good. 1st AG, 4th overall.

I’m not going to go into all the gory details. Short race, go from the horn! The swim was atrocious, but it was for everyone not just for me. The combination of waves, current and way too many meters made for a slooooow start. 29 minutes for “1500” meters?! The bike was equally nutty, and felt more like an obstacle course than a race course. The run was redeeming and where I felt I could see progress being made. I cruised the first three miles, fell off for the next two and managed to bring it back for the last one. If I can only hold onto that pace for a little bit longer I’ll be in business!

At the very least a good excuse for a hard effort and to catch up with friends. Super photog Katie (fresh off a 6th AG at IM Wisconsin!) came out to watch and cheer, and of course celebrate post race with a beer and some football.

Progress is about to be put on hold as we leave for two weeks in Italy tonight. Flying first to Florence to watch the cycling world’s best duke it out, then to Cinque Terre, Tuscany and Rome. The running shoes are packed and I plan to use them, but I also plan to eat gelato twice a day, drink wine at lunch, and sample as much pasta and pizza as possible.

If anyone has recommendations in those cities please leave a note! Ciao!

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