The Importance of Ice Cream

Over the last five weeks I have traveled to the east coast and back (twice). I have driven from New York to Vermont to spend July 4th on the lake where I passed every day of every summer as a child. I have caught up with dear friends in NYC where the awful heat and humidity reminded me why the west coast has stolen my heart. I cheered as loud as my little lungs could for some amazing women who left it all out there on the hills of Lake Placid. I watched two wonderful people commit to spending their lives together while the sun set in beautiful Bend, OR. And most importantly, we celebrated an amazing first year of marriage.

During periods of constant motion like this one, I find it easy to get caught up continually looking forward to what is coming next. Another flight to get to, another city to visit and more people to see. And although I love moving from one big event to the next, it is the smaller moments that I have been trying to hold on to. The great conversation over an amazing dinner, the walk through the quiet streets after an early morning swim or the impromptu ice cream (always with chocolate sprinkles). Those are the flashes of light I want to bottle up and save for a rainy day.

Plans are being made for what next season’s challenges will be and I am ready to start the work and take them on with open arms. But as I do, I hope to remember these last few weeks. To remember the importance of taking a few minutes every now then to duck in and eat some ice cream.

One thought on “The Importance of Ice Cream

  1. I love this so much, and there’s so much I can say to you in my appreciation for making Ironman weekend run smoothly. Also, you look beautiful in your first photo, and beautiful and happy in the photo with Mark. xoxo to you two!

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