As we left Arizona yesterday morning, I was riding the high of a great weekend full of amazing people and having just watched the top women in the world cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Facebook let me know that friends had run their hearts out and blazed killer times. And then, an unthinkable act had that high come crashing down. Replacing it was an instinct to confirm that everyone I knew who was in Boston was safe. And finally, shock, grief and anger.

It was difficult not to drift back to the finish line of the previous day. After a tough day of swim, bike, run I had crossed to find Hillary and Alyssa still in the chute, there to greet me and chat about the event. Followed soon after was Jene and then Katie, with Elizabeth on the way. And most importantly, Mark stood just outside as he had been all day to offer support, encouragement and love. These are my people. And the runners in Boston, those are my people too.

It has been highlighted by many over the past day, the indelible spirit of the endurance community. The stories of those who ran toward danger to do whatever they could do help, runners who went straight to the hospital to give blood. I was not surprised by any of those stories. This is a community with a spirit that is strong, a spirit that carries us miles and miles. But not a spirit that is unshakable. I think all of us were shaken down to the core yesterday and the aftermath won’t be fast to fade.

I don’t have anything new to offer. No wisdom, no quotes, just the want to say that after this weekend, and everyday, this is a community that I am so proud and so grateful to be a part of.

With love,


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