Among the Wildflowers

The bags are unpacked, the sleeping bags tucked away, and the coolers are cleaned. My legs however, are reminding me that I put in some serious work amidst the beauty of the scenery and the company of good friends.

I have danced around the Long Course race at Wildflower for the past few years. In 2010 and 2011 I did so on the Olympic distance course and last year took a break from the shores of Lake San Antonio. This year, in the name of going all in, I will finally bite the bullet and put my hat in the ring of “one of the toughest half-iron races in the country.” Race day is not until May, but I had the privilege of heading up to Paso Robles to get in some quality bike/run with the Ironteam this past weekend.

We were blessed with two gorgeous days and I left with (almost) nothing but fond memories. The heat, which was pleasant instead of oppressive, will play a major part come race day. Nasty Grade looms large, but I like, do I dare say love, to climb while riding. The run course too presents a plethora of obstacles: hills, punishing descents, dirt, and pavement. I took mental notes of stretches where I will be mentally battling the demons that tell you the hurt can end if you let up a bit, just a little bit. The smile I wore down Lynch Hill at the end of Sunday morning’s run may be replaced with a grimace of fatigue, but who knows? Maybe I will get to wear it again. Plans are already in the works for a pretty epic post race fiesta as Katie reminded me we need to pay our respects to Cinco de Mayo. 

Pictures speak a thousand words and these gems are a pretty good representation of a weekend among the wildflowers.

2 thoughts on “Among the Wildflowers

  1. I first need to point out the Panino is my all-time FAVORITE sandwich shop. I go there every single time me and BG head up to wine country.

    I’m totally excited for you to take on the ‘beast’. Wildflower is something special, and there’s really no words to describe the long course. The biggest advice I can give you is to make sure you don’t let yourself get fooled into thinking that Nasty Grade is the end of the challenge on the bike. Its the section after Nasty that’ll get you if you let yourself think that you’re past all of the climbing.

    That and, well….prepare yourself for the run of your life. 🙂

    • Loved Panino! Will definitely be making that a permanent stop on the trip up. Thanks for the WF tips, I had heard that about the bike and tried to make mental notes of the last 10 miles to pull upon during the race. It will be an adventure no matter what!

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