I suppose it was inevitable. I’ve been fortunate to string together quite a few great weeks of training with some big, for me, weeks of riding. But, it has happened. I am officially sick. Truthfully, I’m feeling much better today than I was yesterday so I’m hoping with one more day of rest and hydration that I will be back on track. Race season starts off with a bang next weekend so I’m trying to listen to my body and flush this out completely.

I do have some couch company to help distract me from missed workouts. Clearly I’m biased but I think you have to agree he’s pretty darn cute.

5 thoughts on “Derailed

  1. Love it! As a former member of the Capalbo household, I agree that you have the cutest couch company in the world! He always kept me company when I was hard at work on the LA job search! I’m glad to see he likes his “bone” – he is TOTALLY a “big deal” 🙂

    Feel better soon!!

  2. Question, friend: What shampoo do you use to keep those locks golden and not green after swimming a lot? I have been swimming in an indoor pool and the chlorine is killing my mane.

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