I sat down to write yesterday and could not seem to put anything satisfying together. I wasn’t sure that what I was feeling was worthy of a post. A conversation with a dear friend over tea ensured me that I was not the only one in a February funk. (As if on cue, as I type this it has started pouring outside our window.) The holidays are now just fond memories but the new life and energy of the spring is still a few weeks away. I am trying, rather unsuccessfully, to remain present in the current stillness as March will bring races, visitors, training weekends and lot’s of travel.

But, as our family in the northeast is about to be struck yet again with a major storm I am grateful that all that hits us is some occasional rain. So I will continue grinding the funk away along the coast, thankful for good friends and a husband to ride with.

"Winter" in California

                 “Winter” in California





6 thoughts on “Grinding

  1. I like that “grinding the funk away”….might have to be the title of the next post! You are a lucky gal indeed. Enjoy your California winter. And surely the February blues will be distant memories like the holidays as well.

  2. I live on the Raincoast here in Canada so I totally understand the Februaries. In fact most stores sold out of vitamin D a long time ago as we all try to get from one rare sunny day to another. It will only make you tougher – keep grinding away 🙂

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