News Flash

I’m thrilled to share with you some very exciting news!

Smashfest in the hills!

Smashfest in the hills!

I have been asked to be an ambassador for Smashfest Queen this coming season! I could not be more excited, and honored, to be a part of this great company. Smashfest is a collaboration between superstar pro triathlete Hillary Biscay and designer extraordinaire Michele Landry. I have been a big fan of Hillary’s since I started reading her blog a year or two ago. She is relentlessly positive and an incredible athlete, a true inspiration.

Not only is the Smashfest gear super cute and eye catching, but it kept me as comfortable as possible throughout many hours in the saddle this weekend. As a self proclaimed bib short lover, I was very pleasantly surprised at how well these cycling shorts fit and stayed in place. (AND the leg openings are wide banded with no silicone! The. best.)

Even more exciting is the new designs coming down the pipeline later this season. I cannot wait to see what Michele has up her sleeve!

Cheers to many more smashfests to come, and doing it in style.

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