Ode to the Pacific Northwest

After spending a good part of the year traveling, we decided to keep it “local” for Christmas. Fortunately, I have an obliging family who are currently preparing to leave the East Coast and journey to the Best, I mean West, Coast.

But having grown up in Vermont, Santa Monica just doesn’t feel like the holidays. When Thanksgiving rolls around I yearn for cold, snow, sitting by the fire, to wear boots and jackets and WINTER. Luckily, all of those things can be found at our home in Portland, OR.

Although I have yet to live in Portland full time, it feels more like home than the beach of Southern California. The people here are a little nicer, there is more Patagonia than Prada and you can actually park at the grocery store. Even at 6 pm on a weekday. (See this video for an idea of what a trip to the store entails in lovely Los Angeles). And yes, it can be wet during the winter in Portland, but as my husband says, “there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad apparel,”–more on this in a later post.

So as we approach Christmas, here are a few of the reasons I am thankful to be spending time in one of my favorite places with many of my favorite people.

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