When it rains it pours

When it rains it pours

Although it rarely happens in sunny Santa Monica, this past weekend it rained for four days. Not necessarily straight through but about as close as it gets around here. And although I don’t mind riding in the rain, drivers in LA aren’t very savvy about how to navigate the road when it is wet. I chose to take it indoors for most of Saturday and Sunday’s training (ahem torture) sessions. This meant the longest period of time I had spent on both the trainer and treadmill in as long as I can remember. You know you are in for a battle when you have to choose “marathon mode” as you start up the hamster wheel.

There wasn’t anything too difficult in the plan, the wattages were doable and the run was based on perceived effort rather than a specific pace which I always prefer. But something about bringing it indoors ups the mental ante. Suddenly it’s just you, with literally nothing preventing you from slowing your cadence or hitting stop on the treadmill. Admittedly, mental strength in training has not always been my forte. Last season I found quite few “good reasons” to cut sessions shorter than they were supposed to be, 5 minutes here 10 minutes there. I would tell myself that if I was getting most of the workout in, and most of the time all of the workout, that I was still adhering to the plan. Rockstar Alyssa Godesky wrote a post this past year that really stuck with me, don’t worry it is not just about her mailbox.

Shortcuts are not going to cut it this year. Ironman, and my goals for the 2013 season, mean that I need to treat every session with equal importance. If the plan indicates an easy two hour ride, I still need to ride all two hours, or all three, or four, or five…I think you get the point. This year is not about cutting corners, it is about completion and it is about strength. Even when that means choosing marathon mode on the treadmill.

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